NanoSil Pavement


NanoSil uses new and exclusive lithium chemistry to make the best concrete densifier available today. Concrete is exposed to harsh chemical, mechanical, and
atmospheric elements that can cause the concrete to deteriorate.
NanoSil penetrates into the substrate where it reacts with weak calcium hydroxide to form stronger and more stable tricalcium silicate hydrate. The lithium component is also effective in mitigating and preventing damaging alkali-silica reactions.

TechFloor POL

Water-based polyurethane paint floor/wall. Interior and exterior. High hardness. UV resistant. High coverage performance.

Industrial flooring, parking. As a TOP-COAT for other systems such as waterproofing.

TechFloor SL 200

Coloured mortar fluid for repair, smooth and decorations floors. Self-Levelling.

Industrial flooring, parking, house, restaurants…etc.


Concrete Printing

Coloured mortar for renovation and decoration of floor. Road and pedestrian traffic. Decoration finishes.

Applied on the fresh concrete. Different colours and designs


SuperPlasticizer LP

High performance concrete superplasticizer based on the last policarboxilate technology.

  • Dark orange liquid product with density 1,05 kg/l.
  • Based on Policarboxilate Ether (PCE) Technology.
  • Increases workability and followability in concrete.
  • Reduced setting time if used as unique admixture.
  • High initial strength.
  • High water reducer effect (30 to 40%).
  • Free of corrosion promoting components


  • Pre-cast and Ready-mix concrete.
  • Designed for basaltic, granitic and limestone aggregates.
  • Concrete with high followability.
  • Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC).
  • Self-Levelling Concrete (SLC).
  • High-strength concrete.
  • High-performance concrete.
  • Pumped concrete.
  • Fair-faced concrete.
  • Concrete with high resistance against aggressive agents