Cementitious inorganic fireproofing formulation supplied as a single powder component that is mixed with clean, potable water prior to application.
A single package powder component mixed with clean, potable water before application. PYROLITE 15 is designed to fireproof interior structural beams, joists, walls, roofs, decks, girders, columns, electrified floors and pre-cast concrete units.


Cementitious inorganic polymer fireproofing formulation.
Description Single powder component mixed with clean, potable water before it is used in application. Recommended uses for the fire protection of structural steel, bulkheads, and upgrading the fire resistance of any existing concrete.
Recommended areas of application are pharmaceutical facilities, power plants, penthouses, schools & hospitals, abatement spray and air plenums.


Fireproof mortar gypsum base with thermal insulation properties for passive fire protection in structural elements.
Perlifoc LD (Low Density) has a higher concentration of light aggregate (vermiculite) that reduce the density.
This implies a lower weight loading in the structure to be protected.



Waterborne basecoat is a white thin film intumescent coating for the fire protection of internal structural steelwork. It can provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

Nullifire is recommended for application and use on dry protected structural steel only. If the basecoat is allowed to get wet, it is likely to be damage – blistering and wrinkling may occur. Only be applied when the air and steel temperatures are above 5ºC. Relative humidity below 80%. Ensure the steel is dry and free from contact with rain or condensation during application.



CHARFLAME® is a single component, and APEO free, water-borne intumescent coating for fire protection of internal structural steelwork.
Its purpose is to keep resistance and bearing capacity of structural steel until fire extinction, or building evacuation.